Our Designers 

Susie Mirco

For over three decades, Susie and her dedicated 

team have been lighting clients with their talent for

striking the perfect balance between classic &

contemporary interiors.

Susie & her team can provide a complete

project management service that goes above and

beyond the limits of the usual interior design service. 

Clients trust that when they employ  Mirco & Mirco , they will get something exceptionally beautiful, functional, and tailored to their lifestyle. 

"I often think my job as a designer is to take the clients' wishes, filter them through my knowledge, resources and ability to create what they want and make it better than their dreams'                                                                                     - Susie



Lydia Mirco

Lydia followed in her mother's footsteps,

joining Susie team over 20 years ago.

Lydia, a natural entrepreneur with a keen

eye for design. 

Now the mother and daughter duo work together at their design studio in Bournemouth.

Together, the pair complement one another, offering their clients a fresh and interesting perspective. 

'The key to great design is capturing the spirit of

the client & the essence of the space'

- Lydia